The passion for building and remodeling has been running through our veins for many years.

Adam Willard, General Contractor 

Our company’s general contractor, Adam, which is also my talented husband, got his start in his teen years building roads and bridges in Shreveport and Bossier City under the guidance of his step father. As he moved up the commercial construction ladder he found a deep love for residential construction, iron and wood working. Wanting to start out on his own and focus on commercial and residential building and remodeling he created his own construction company and was one of the youngest men to receive his general contractors license. Adam has established himself as a trusted home builder, commercial builder and remodeler in Shreveport, Bossier City and the surrounding areas. Homeowners appreciate Adam’s extensive residential knowledge and business owners know that a project under Adam’s guidance is safe for their clientele.

Lisa Willard, Chief Designer

Growing up, my two passions in life were and still are drawing and home design. I dreamed of being a cartoon animator for Disney and to also develop subdivisions with the most beautiful homes throughout South Florida. I remember making miniature three story homes out of cardboard, tape and glue. In my teens I combined my two loves and started decorating homes, painting murals for childrens’ rooms and businesses and staging homes for resell finally graduating to remodeling and flipping homes.

Aaron Willard, Project Manager

As you can see Adam and I  had similar interests and when we met years ago, we felt like kindred spirits. It was only natural that our talents would merge and what was once a solo act has now become a family business. Adam being the general contractor, I handle the design and my brother-in-law Aaron manages the projects. Our children (We are a blended family) work with us during the summer. Our two girls help with me with design and paperwork and our two boys help Adam and Aaron in the field.

I hope that you enjoy our little square footage here on internet and it fills you with design inspiration, gives you information and guidance you seek in everything home, design and decorating.

—Lisa Willard