Lisa Willard, Chief Designer

Welcome! I am completely honored you are here!

My story began as a wee girl growing up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. For as long as I can remember, my two passions in life were, and still are, drawing and home design. In elementary school, I dreamed of becoming a Disney animator and I had a deep desire to develop subdivisions throughout South Florida filled with the most beautiful and unique homes of all shapes and sizes. It was a time when South Florida was booming with new neighborhoods and my mother, who sparked my love for interiors, would take us on weekend trips hitting all the model homes in the new subdivisions so we can indulge in the interior eye candy and gawk at the latest and greatest things in home design.

In middle school I began to paint murals for children’s rooms and entering my teen years I added painting murals for businesses to my resume. Realizing that this could actually be a business I could expand on and add my other passion, I began to offer interior design to my clients as well. Being a kid myself, my specialty was painting murals and designing and decorating children’s rooms which I loved every minute of. As I grew older, myself and my clientele realized my abilities had grown far beyond Dora and Buzz Light Year and I expanded my portfolio by adding home design, decorating and remodeling.

Fast forward to 2009 when I met my husband (our company’s fine General Contractor Adam.) Our friends were convinced we would be a match made in heaven since he had the brawn and reputation of a trusted and skilled general contractor in town and I was a creative freak of nature. They were absolutely right. To say that Adam and I had similar interests is an understatement.

It was only natural that our talents would eventually merge and what was once a solo act for both of us has now become a family business. Adam being the general contractor, I handle the design aspect of the business and my brother-in-law Aaron Willard manages the day to day projects.

An added bonus in our blended lives is that our amazing children get to work with us during the summer. We thoroughly enjoy teaching them all aspects of running a small business and the ins and outs of residential and commercial building and remodeling. As much as we would love for them to take over the business one day, we are pretty proud of their aspirations of being doctors, lawyers and teachers.


This Blog is our design inspiration and information to you from us. We hope that you find our information useful and enjoyable and look forward to your input.

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact me at Lisa@ashleysbuilding.com or 318-773-9404

Thank you for stopping by!!

—Lisa Willard