2017 Kitchen and Bath Trends

When you think about your dream kitchen or bathroom what immediately comes to your mind as far as colors and style?

Is it clean lined white shaker cabinets with warm toned wood flooring for the kitchen and a soft gray and white pallet for your bathroom?

If so, you are on track with the majority of homeowners.

Earlier in the year, many organizations and websites dedicated to home design and home construction conducted kitchen and bathroom trend surveys to find out what is popular in design styles, colors, and finishes.

One of our favorite organizations, The National Kitchen and Bath Association and the home design inspiration website, Houzz, each conducted their own 2017 trend survey and the results were almost identical. Not only are they identical but they are exactly what we are hearing from our clientele right here in Shreveport and Bossier city and would love to share all the results with you.


Let’s start with KITCHENS.

Homeowners prefer custom cabinetry to stock cabinets.

White and gray are the top color choices with two-toned trending fast.  Wood cabinets are still a desired color choice as well.

Large kitchen islands are a must in families.

Quartz is first choice for countertop material while granite is still very popular.

Grays and blues are most desirable wall colors.

Bold backsplashes are on the rise.

Internet-connected appliances and smart appliances will be the norm in home design.

Wood flooring or porcelain tile that looks like wood is extremely popular in kitchens.

Statement venthoods are on top of the list of must haves for homeowners.


Now it’s time for BATHROOMS.

Grays, white and various shades of blue are the top choices for bathroom colors.

White, gray and warm stained wood cabinets are sought after cabinet colors.

Quartz takes the lead in countertop material.

Unused whirlpool tubs are being removed and being replaced with big walk-in showers with multiple shower heads.

Homeowners are also removing the big bulky tub and replacing it with a free standing pedestal or clawfoot tub.

Porcelain and ceramic tile of various styles is top choice for flooring.

Heated floors are requested often, especially in states that have a longer harsh winter season.

Feel relaxed? I sure do after reviewing these results.

Comfort, relaxation and simplicity seem to be the focus for kitchen and bathrooms for 2017; a light and bright kitchen to enjoy with your family and friends and a relaxing, comforting bathroom to wash the worries away.



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