Broadmoor Kitchen Cottage Remodel

We feel we are the luckiest people. We get up each morning to work our passion and we get to enhance the quality of living for our clients by designing and creating spaces they could only dream of. Not only that, we are hugely blessed to meet so many down right FUN clients whom are so unique, so trusting, so open and just as beautiful as the spaces we remodel.

This particular kitchen remodel story begins in the sweet little neighborhood of Broadmoor in Shreveport, Louisiana. These homes are rich in history and many still hold the design elements used back in the early 1900’s when the area was being developed.

What is so special about this particular cottage home is not just the design features we found on demo day (knob and tube and of course, shiplap) but that our clients planned and saved for the kitchen of their dreams for 4 years. 4 YEARS! And we, Ashley’s Building, were honored to be selected to tackle the job of bringing their 50+ year old home into the new millennium while paying homage to it’s past.

The lady of the house had many magazine clippings that she had saved over the years and had a very clear vision of what type of kitchen she wanted. She knew every detail from the appliances to the glass cabinet knobs which helped the design process go a bit quicker. The hard part was removing the layers of old cheese cloth, paneling and shiplap (no they did not want to keep it) and updating the old electrical knob and tube. The good thing is this actually gave us a bit more space to work with than we originally thought.

Because the client wanted a farmhouse feel but also clean modern lines, she opted for flat paneled cabinet fronts but with framed upper glass cabinets on the sink wall to showcase her collection of fiestaware and other dishes that have been passed down to her by her mother. The lower cabinets had pull out drawers for easy to find pots and pans storage, as did the large pantry and we added a baking dish and tray cabinet to the right of the refrigerator with adjustable shelving. We even made sure the subway tile backsplash grout lines were thicker and stood out to compliment the dark grey Piatra quartz countertops.

Being that she and her husband love to entertain and their home is the house on the block that all the kids go to play with their young son, they are often found feeding many hungry little mouths, so a hardworking stove was on the menu as well as a large peninsula bar.

The entry to the front of the house The Mrs. wanted an arched doorway to match the exterior porch’s arched brick entry.

The original wood floors were painted red by previous owners so we had them sanded, re-stained and sealed which came out ahhmazing.

The results were beautiful and exactly what our clients had planned for, hoped for and dreamed for. Happy client. Happy life.

–Lisa Willard



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